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04 December 2012 @ 02:16 pm
If you were wondering where I've been and why I stopped posting here...

Tumblr sucked my life. - basically.
This is the only reason..Actually I also work now.
But Tumblr is the first cause.
I didn't post icons since Ep. 9x04 and I made them till ep 9x09.
No idea if I will ever post them or If I will ever be able to start making them again.
( I miss making icons so much )
I keep making wallpapers though. And I also make other stuff over there.
This fandom (NCIS fandom) is 'taking' lot of my time, especially on Tumblr, reason why I decided to stop writing here.
If you want to follow me on tumblr by the way > http://alyssinmymind.tumblr.com
Current Mood: busybusy